Grandpap's Fiddle
Traditional Fiddling by Ashley Carder

This CD consists entirely of fiddle tunes played by Ashley Carder, mostly of tunes learned by ear back in the 1980s from older fiddlers who have since passed away, including Homer "Pappy" Sherrill, Vernon Riddle, Bo Norris, and J.P. Fraley. Note that this is raw old fashioned fiddling, and is not produced in a studio, so don't expect to hear slick arrangements. What you will hear is raw old style fiddling, complete with a few squeaks and off notes here and there, just the way it came out of my fiddle. These are my interpretations of tunes the way that I heard them 25 or 30 years ago when I learned them from the older fiddlers who came before me. You will hear tunes that have been handed down from one generation to the next. Some of the tunes can be traced back to the Civil War era.
Ashley Carder

  1. Morpeth Rant
  2. Lost Indian (AEAC#)
  3. Road to Lisdoonvarna
  4. Poca River Blues
  5. Green Mountain Polka
  6. Canadian Waltz
  7. General Lee
  8. Red Apple Rag
  9. Grandpap's Fiddle (AEAC#)
  10. Hot Time in Old Town
  11. Wild John
  12. Devils Dream
  13. Redwing
  14. Liza Jane (AEAE)
  15. Soldiers Joy
  16. Fishers Hornpipe
  17. Midnight on the Water (DDAD)
  18. Cindy
  19. Arkansas Traveler
  20. Dubuque
  21. Chinkypin
  22. Angeline the Baker
  23. Roxanna Waltz
  24. Wake Up Susan
  25. Bonaparte's Retreat (DDAD)
  26. Because He Lives
  27. Listen to the Mockingbird
  28. Orange Blossom Special
  29. Lee Highway Blues
  30. Big Country
  31. Jennifer Waltz

The CD is available for $12 plus shipping and handling.